Friday, December 21, 2012

Five years already!

Today, it's already been 5 years that Cédric was born!!
Of course, time flies and it seems only yesterday to me that I held him in my arms for the first time. But if I think carefully, we've had 5 very full years.At only 5 years old, Cédric has been to France 3 times, to Florida 3 times and to the Dominican Republic once. So we've traveled quite a bit.
One of the positive sides of Cédric's journey and his developmental rythm is that Ive 'kept my baby a little longer than most people. Of course, I could do without the diapers, but I wouldn't give up the awesome hugs and kisses I get for anything in the world!
This special day for him was also another chance for me to realize how lucky we are for the way he's taken care of at school. From the special education teacher and the teacher aids assigned to his case, to the principal, and including the teacher and teacher aid of his regular classroom and even some people who are technically not involved with him, everyone does their best to take great care of him, tries to make his days productive but pleasant, and make exceptions for him. All of them seem very attached to Cédric and seem to hold a special place for him in their heart. Today more than ever, I witnessed their love and devotion, in the thoughtful gifts, but mostly in the hugs, the kisses, the smiles, the songs, and for Cédric, who is very affectionate, it's crucial and it warmed my heart.
 Today, Cédric received a few gifts and Happy Birthday was sung to him 5 times (his teachers, his classmates, his maternal grand-parents, his paternal grand-parents, and Mom and Dad). Tomorrow, we'll celebrate his birthday with a few carefully chosen friends, we'll sing Happy Birthday Cédric once more time, and we'll give him his big gift: a sensory swing. Thank you to all those who participated in that gift!

And please join me in wishing a happy birthday to a very loving, beautiful, special, BIG boy, if only with a little thought or prayer for him!